New Money Special

12 Month CD at 2.00% APY*

Minimum Opening Balance of $100,000 required.    At least $100,000 must be "new funds" which means not on deposit at DMB Community Bank within the past 30 days.  Penalty for early withdrawal.  Rates subject to change without notice.   Fees could reduce earnings.  

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 07/21/2022.

Contact a Financial Services Representative at 608.846.3711 for more information about our specials!

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New Fraud Monitoring Feature on Debit Cards

We are excited to announce a new fraud monitoring feature on your debit card.  Beginning in February 2022, if a suspicious transaction is detected on your debit card, you will be notified by text message to your cell phone. 

All you need to do is respond to the text message and confirm the transaction. If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you will receive another message with a phone number to call for follow up.  If you cannot be reached by text message, you will receive a phone call to verify the transaction.

For additional information regarding this new card feature, click here.

DMB Named One of the 200 Healthiest Banks in the Country for 2021

DEFOREST, Wisconsin— A banking industry website has named DMB Community Bank one of the 200 healthiest banks in the country for 2021.

DepositAccounts.com evaluates the financial health of more than 4,631 federally chartered banks in the United States, according to a news release from the site.  The banks are graded on a number of factors, including capitalization, deposit growth and loan to reserve ratios.

DMB Community Bank came in as the 38th healthiest bank in the country, and ranked 2nd in Wisconsin, according to the news release.  Evaluators gave the bank an A+ rating. 

DMB Community Bank, a $620 million bank established in 1922, offers a full range of personal and business financial services including consumer, real estate, and business lending.